When you sell a car, there are some easy ways to maximize your price potential.

After all, the value of a car is not just dependent on the buyer’s willingness to pay. It is also affected by the effort you are willing to make to get the best deal.

In AutoGuru, we have created a list of the top five points and processes to improve your chances of achieving a more satisfactory resale result.


Take care of your car the day you buy it and you should take care of the day you sell it.

The relationship with the vehicle is a breeze for the resale value, which means everything from aesthetic to mechanical.

Aesthetically speaking, a car without shocks, pants, scratches, rust and other signs of damage always speaks much more than a buyer who obviously does not need to be improved.

Also remove the added adhesives, especially those that are more doubtful, and give the car good cleaning, polishing and cleaning.

Remember that the car you are selling may not be new, but it must look as new or as close as possible.

Mechanically, a car with sensible and well-maintained maintenance, with all maintenance issues eliminated, even as a negotiating gift, is a much more attractive perspective than an old and worn car that cannot be retrieved from the first transmission ratio. ,

Smaller miles, smiles.

This annoying kilometer is not and is a key factor in a resale value for a vehicle.

The more clicks you have, the more potential buyers will play in your head, no matter how carefully you keep the car over time.

There are ways to remediate this dilemma.

If you travel a lot, especially over long distances, it can be smarter to sell the car in front of someone who lives in the suburbs, goes to school and plays sports on Saturdays.

writing tools

Holding a car is accompanied by a number of written documents, all of which can be maintained in the right order, but it is also an advantage if an interested buyer receives a call.

If necessary, check that the registration, insurance, warranty, finance and property documents are in your area.

More importantly, the car’s maintenance and repair record is crucial for the resale value because they indicate whether the car has been maintained and is a good purchase.

Tired tires and curved wheels.

When you read our articles on AutoGuru, you will find a lot of information about the weight of wheels and tires for the vehicle’s performance and safety for drivers and passengers.

The terms for tires and wheels are an immediate visible and remarkable indication of the car’s general condition.

If you need to change tires, do so because you know that the cost can be recovered or exceeded at the time of subsequent sale.

But when the tires are in order, improving them for better aesthetics is not particularly stressful.

The same applies to the wheels – change if necessary; Clean and polish anyway.

The name of the game

Car buyers want security. It is therefore not surprising that the best-known brands have higher resale value.

If people know that the car you are selling comes from a manufacturer known for its mechanical reliability, road use, safety, fuel efficiency and availability, you probably get an agreement. The sales price reflects the insurance and gives you more than happy.

Finally, it is a known Latin term, Caveat Emptor, which means “buy on service”.

There is another term that fits just as well in the resale system, For Venditor, which means “preparing a seller”.