Creative Lighting Tips Using Household Items

Have you ever wanted to take interesting pictures without spending so much on your computer? You probably already have common household items that can give your photos a creative light and make them look! Read and try these creative lighting tips with articles that are already at home.

In almost all tips, I use my smartphone to highlight my topic. This is another point you can use and is already at home!


1. Shadow and pattern

If you want to create shadows and patterns in your photos, try some of the following things you already have at home. Create a dot pattern with a target. Keep it under the light: it can be flashlight or natural light on the subject and you will see the shape of the shadow.

Experiment with different objects with similar holes, such as a spatula, an ostrich or a laundry basket. Keep objects close and far from the subject until you get the look you want. Another easy way to create shadows is to use the blinds. You can place your design next to blinds and adjust them to get the pattern you want.

You can also cut out patterns on paper, cardboard or similar materials to achieve the desired pattern. Keep it on the subject and under the light source. You have shadows and patterns for your photos.

2. Color filter

The use of transparent paper (such as cellophane) or even transparent document protection can help you add colors to your photos. Cut them in squares or circle around the lens diameter and hold them in place when taking a picture. You can also use machine tape to hold it on the lens when shooting the subject.

Put the colors on the other, or place them on the edges of the lens to create different colors in the same image. Another possibility is to place the colored paper, e.g. flashlight or sun, in front of the light source to achieve molten color. In this way you do not need paper in the lens and you can mix different colors in the scene.

You can also use a tablet, laptop or phone to create faded colors. Try to photograph the subject a little darker so that the color looks a little more similar. Place the camera near the subject and observe the color appearance of the subject. Make sure the camera is stable because less light will cause more shake when using a slower shutter speed. Use a fast lens to avoid blurring images.

3. Make a rainbow

The use of an old CD can cause the rainbow light to be reflected. Use this option to create interesting rainbow for the theme or background. You can tilt it for different effects.


Another way to make an interesting light with a CD is to cut it and glue it on a poster or in a cardboard and keep it away from the light. See what creative light you can find for your topic!

Move it so that you can tilt the rainbow that you want in the picture. Be creative by placing the rainbow to mark different parts of your scene.


4. Wreaths or wreaths

Chandeliers can give your pictures a creative touch and light up the theme at the same time. Place the lights near the lens to get fuzzy light balls or place them on the subject to achieve warm and welcoming colors for the subject.